TalentEdge HR Consulting

TalentEdge was founded with the vision of helping organizations and people realize their potential.

Our Services :

1. Assessment Centres

Research shows that Assessment Centres provide the best predictor of success for selecting the right candidate for a job. In the Assessment Center  the candidate perform job related tasks whilst being objectively observed and measured against a set of pre-determined organizational measures, usually behavioral competencies.
Development Centres use a similar approach identifying the most crucial areas for growth against organisational or job measures for development but are supported with helping individuals consider how best to achieve their aspirations.

Assessment Centre Design

We offer a bespoke assessment centre design to meet your specific needs and way of working. To ensure the validity of the design, we will select the right set of exercises and/or tests for the job role and identify which exercises will measure the required competencies.



  • Assessor Briefing: All assessors will be briefed on the tools and measures in a workshop before the assessment center to ensure standardization.
  • Documentation: We will produce the observation forms for each exercise as well as the overall candidate assessment sheets to capture their performance.
  • Co-ordination: We will co-ordinate and run the assessment or development centre for you, When running Development Centres we can provide development ideas such as specific training programs, coaching sessions or experiential learning sessions.



  • Presentation Briefs: For job roles, such as sales and marketing, where making presentations are an essential component of the role, we can design a presentation brief for the candidate to present one of your products or services to your customers. You will then see how the candidate would perform in the selected job role.
  • Group Exercises: A  structured group exercise is ideal for measuring a candidate’s ability to work as part of a team, generate ideas and solve problems, lead members, implement  instructions and manage tasks within a specific time frame.
  • Role Play Exercises: These are ideal for job roles such as sales and customer service, where you want to assess the candidate’s ability to engage with an external or internal customer. We have also designed role play briefs to assess crucial management tasks such as coaching or performance managing an employee.
  • Behaviour Event Interview: As research shows, past behaviour is the best predicator of future performance. We design an Interview guide with structured questions for all of your competencies. This will help to ensure consistency across all the candidates, and be a tool that you can use on an ongoing basis for selection, promotion, and people development.

2. Performance coaching

Beach Fun
Performance coaching is vital for individuals to stay ahead at both a professional and personal level. At TalentEdge, we provide a professional performance based coaching programme for executives, managers and employees at all levels to help them excel at achieving high performance levels in a manner that suits the organisation’s culture.
We take time to understand your  real performance coaching need, then  suggest a programme in a time frame and style to suit your working and time requirements and introduce you to one of our professional performance coaches who we believe will be best suited for you.


Performance coaching can cover a wide range of challenges that face an individual, but we have listed below a few examples of the diverse applications we have experience with:

  • Managing the transition to a more senior job role
  • Improving peer working relationships
  • Increasing personal levels of influence to achieve results
  • Managing self and others to achieve performance targets in line with agreed time frames
  • Improving the performance of the team to achieve critical goals
  • Increasing self awareness of personal impact on other team members
  • Preparing for the next level in your organization
  • Communicating with impact and credibility
  • Reducing conflict and enhancing working relationships within the team

Performance Coaches

All of our performance coaches have a great understanding of the business world with a proven track record in performance coaching managers and executives to achieve their business goals and objectives. They also have extensive experience in management development which provides them with a great toolkit of models and tools that can enhance self awareness and coaching for high performance.

Coaching Tools

Once we have understood your performance coaching requirements, we will utilise the most appropriate and relevant coaching tools and models to enhance the overall programme. These could be, but not limited to:

  • Self awareness questionnaires e.g. DISC, Birkman etc.
  • Colleague feedback e.g. 360 degree feedback
  • Skills questionnaires e.g. time management, communication, presentation skills
  • Task observation and feedback
  • Role play with feedback
  • Self managed learning tools to support the coaching e.g. reading, project, a personal development activity

Performance Management related workshops that we provide to our clients are:

  • Coaching Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Performance Management

3. Team building

At TalentEdge, our unique corporate team building workshops are tailored to your needs and offer unique insights into your team’s strengths in a fun and rewarding environment. These team building workshops are combined with a fun indoor or outdoor team building exercise or activity to address the specific strengths and development needs of individual team members such as their leadership and interpersonal skills, ensuring long term business improvements can be sustained.
For a proposal on how we can facilitate a team building event for you, please contact us telling us your goals, team size, time allocation and budget.
MBTI team building

4. Training consultancy

Our Approach

Training consultancy

At TalentEdge we take time to understand your exact training and development needs and then design the workshop to address specific learning needs of participants.
With your specific brief in mind, we will then offer you a personalised training service which fits your organisation’s culture, timescales and budget. We address the learning needs of every level in an organization,  right from the communication  and presentation challenges of the front liners to the delegation related issues of the first time managers to the strategic thinking requirement of the senior leadership of the organization. We create customized content that address the specific challenges faced by the participants.
Listed below are some examples of the training programs  we can offer you.

  • Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Managerial Effectiveness
  • Leaders as a Coach
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Polarity Management
  •  Inspirational Leadership